Advices for How to Write a Horror Story

Do you need to know how to write a horror story?

writing a horror storyWhether you have been tasked with writing a horror story by your tutor or you are an aspiring writer that wants to know how to write a horror movie this simple guide will help you. Being able to write horror that is able to keep the reader sat on the edge of their seat is no easy task but we hope that with this simple guide we will be able to show you how to write a horror story that will do exactly that.

Inspiration for your horror story

Many writers struggle with gaining ideas around which to write their horror story. There are many thousands of horror stories out there to read to get ideas as well as of course the many movies that go with them. But what really scares you? Is it the blood and gore and how it is described or is it the anticipation of what will happen next. Different people are affected by different aspects of the writing in many different ways. So the first part of learning how to write a horror story is deciding what it is that you will write. Will it be about zombies and vampires or will you write a psychological thriller about a manipulative crazy killer.

Outline your horror story

The more preparation you perform for your story the easier it will be to write. Whether you are talking about a 2 page essay or a full blown horror novel your planning is key to the success of your writing. Creating an outline does not have to be difficult. It can be as simple as:

• Introduce the horror with mysterious opening (to get the reader’s attention from the start)
• Introduce main characters (build support for them or against them)
• Strange happenings (start to build the suspense)
• The first murder (keep the attention of the reader by maintaining pace)
• Next chapters
• Finish with something dreadful; this is a horror story so they should not live happily ever after

How should you write your horror story

Typically a horror story is descriptive writing. You want the reader to feel that they are there with the characters within your writing. So you have to engage their brains and let them know everything about what is going on. You don’t just say that “They notice that the temperature has dropped”, you say “Mildred paused mid step pulling her arms around herself for warmth as her breath condensed eerily in the air before her.” You need to think at every step:writing a_horror story

• What do they see
• What do they feel
• What do they smell
• What do they hear
• What can they taste

Keep track of your horror story from start to finish

When you write your story it is important that you are able to keep track of all of the characters that you have and all of your different plot lines. Ensure that you keep notes throughout your story to make sure that the woman that climbs into a closet to hide in chapter 4 is not still hiding there when you conclude your story. You may have forgotten but you can guarantee that your reader has not. Don’t leave any loose ends. These simple tips and hints will help you to learn how to write a desriptive essay or a horror story that is going to really get the attention of your audience.

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