How to Write a 5-Page Research Paper

You may notice it or not but most professors require research papers which are five pages in length. A lot of research papers are submitted every school year and a lot of students still don’t know how to write a 5 page research paper. While most students whine about writing research papers, how to write a 5 page research paper is the least of your problems.

What is a research paper?

Generally, a research paper is a written discussion based upon collected information. A research paper is made after reading several resources on a particular topic and integrating it into one coherent whole. A great research paper is one that is brief but can provide new insights to readers. A five-page research paper is mostly required because it is the ideal length of a research paper—not too short for ideas and not too long to bore the reader. Research papers commonly follow a citation style such as the APA format or the MLA format.

What are possible topics for a 5 page research paper

In selecting 5 page research paper topics, you must consider the subject matter on why you are writing the research paper. Is it for a history class, a science class, or other classes? While the choice of topic is decided by you, the instructor assigns a particular area where you can draw topics from. There are infinitely many topics to choose and it is up to you to decide. However, be sure that it is interesting and manageable. It is also important to inform your instructor as to the topic so he or she can accept or decline it early on.

How to make an outline for a 5 page research paper

Writing a 5 page research paper outline is a very challenging task. What do you need to do? It’s simple. Gather information about your chosen topic. Read and take notes. From these notes, develop an outline by compiling ideas—those that goes together and those that do not! Try to look for the important points to less important ones and determine the main points for your paper.

How to write a 5 page research paper?

Since the previous section already discussed the topic and outline, learning how to write a 5 page research paper also includes other steps.

  • First, collect information that would back up your thesis statement. This may include books, journal articles, web pages, and other important sources.
  • Second, develop your final outline from the data gathering stage.
  • Third, write your draft. Revise this as many times as you can to ensure that it is error-free.
  • Fourth, be sure that it is consistent with the format required by your professor.