How to Write a Bachelor Research Paper

Before learning how to write a research paper for a bachelor’s program, it is important to know what a bachelor research paper is. A bachelor research paper is a paper commonly written by third year college students. It is an independent research with a defined thesis. The format and contents of a bachelor research paper is the same with a research paper or term paper but it has to comply with page count and number of references. Commonly, a bachelor research paper is about 60 pages excluding the appendices and it should use around 25 resources.

Goal of a Bachelor Research Paper

In learning how to write a research paper, you must stick to a goal: teaching yourself the subject matter of a course and letting others know what you have learned. Here are the general things you should consider in writing a bachelor research paper:

  1. Read a lot in order to find and formulate a good topic. Think about a certain topic and determine whether it is worthy for a research topic. Consult your adviser regarding this.
  2. After determining a topic, identify a clear research question. What do you want to prove or disprove?
  3. Research on your topic using academic resources. You should use not only secondary and internet sources but primary sources as well. You can do this by conducting surveys, interviews, etc.
  4. Make your argument. It should be presented methodically and logically. Remember that this is a scholarly paper.
  5. Write a paper observing the rules of grammar and proper spelling in addition to the style required by your college or department. Stick to the referencing style required by your chosen field.

Be Ready to Write Your Bachelor Research Paper

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are other things you need to consider in learning how to write a research paper, particularly a bachelor research paper. It is often taken for granted but the main thing you need in writing a bachelor research paper is plenty of time. Start your work early to avoid procrastination and cramming. Also, you must plan your research in order to avoid wasting time by searching for unnecessary information. You may include how you will conduct research, when, and why these information are relevant. While other student take note writing for granted, notes are the tools you need in having a good bachelor research paper. Lastly, allow yourself to proofread and revise your paper. If you happen to face difficulty, ask for help!