How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Conclusion of a research paper

Conclusion to a research paper or any writing project provides the reader an idea why your whole project is significant. It is your last piece of information to impart to the reader, to remind him or her about the whole research. It allows you to wrap up the entire project while allowing the reader to consider larger issues and to reflect upon the results of your research. While it is one of the hardest parts to write, writing a conclusion for a research paper is a very exciting task.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper

The conclusion of a research paper can be a difficult part to write. To start, the writer must ask himself the question “so what?” The conclusion must not only be a reiteration of the whole project. It must present the importance of the research. Next, never use the words, “in summary”, “in conclusion”, or “in closing” as these words may bore the reader. How to write a conclusion for a research paper is the least problem of the writer. Having written the whole project, the conclusion should provide an insight of what the reader learned from the research. That being said, it must be noted that the conclusion should not be a place to introduce new ideas. New ideas should be presented in the body of the paper. Here are some things you may include in a conclusion: concise summary of the key ideas and main points, warnings, and consequences, and comparison with other situations. Lastly, you must keep your introduction with you as you write your conclusion for these two parts are like twins. The conclusion should follow the same order of information as the introduction but they should not be the same.

Things to remember in writing a conclusion to a research paper

Although many writers feel tired after writing the whole project, it must be noted that most readers remember the conclusion of a research paper more than the whole research project. A good conclusion to a research paper must reiterate the importance of the thesis statement and must give the whole writing project a sense of completeness. Also, the conclusion must leave a good impression to the reader. As a very important part of a writing project, it must not only summarize the whole research but should synthesize all the ideas therein.