How to Write a Good Conclusion Paragraph

Why is it important to know how to write a good conclusion?

Just as it is important to make a good first impression a good conclusion will help you make a good and hopefully lasting final impression. Your conclusion is there to not just remind the reader what you have written about but to also help convince them to your point of view. A good conclusion should leave the reader thinking “I am glad I read that” when they put down your paper. Writing a good conclusion though is not that easy but the following sections will help you to come up with some easy to use strategies to write an effective conclusion.

Your concluding paragraph is not just a summary of your essay

Many people make the mistake of just using the conclusion to summarize what they have written within their paper and fail to add anything at all to what they have written. While you should not be adding any new evidence or ideas within the summary it should be the area in which you get the reader to look at the subject in a new light based on the evidence that you have presented within the main body of your paper.

What to include within an effective conclusion

When first learning how to write a good conclusion you need to fully understand just what it is that you should cover within your conclusion. The following hints and tips will give you some good ideas about what you should cover to ensure that your conclusion does the job that it is meant to do.writing a_good conclusion

  • Use a theme in your introduction to the subject that you can then return to within your conclusion
  • Show how the main points that you have raised within the main body of the essay fit together
  • Provide a quotation or a piece of insight that will provoke a reaction from the reader
  • Show how what you have written relates to boarder issues; show its implications and importance to them
  • Suggest a course of action or a solution to what you have written about
  • Provide ideas as to how the subject could be investigated further

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What to avoid within your concluding paragraph

It is just as important to understand what needs to be avoided within your conclusion when learning how to write a good conclusion. There are many mistakes that you could make that will cause your conclusion to fall flat and you need to ensure that you manage to avoid them within your writing:writing a good_conclusion

  • Your initial thesis should be stated in your introduction; not only in your conclusion
  • Don’t introduce any new topics or ideas within the concluding paragraphs
  • Don’t add additional evidence or statistics within the conclusion; it should all be within the main body
  • Don’t just restate your thesis or argument and say that it is proved
  • Don’t use “In conclusion” or any other clichés when writing your conclusion
  • Don’t change the tone of the essay; a scientific analysis should not suddenly turn into an emotional appeal for change in the conclusion

Ensuring your conclusion is the best

writing a good conclusion

Being able to learn how to write a good conclusion means more than just simply knowing what to write; you also have to write a newspaper article perfectly. You have to ensure that your conclusion will flow well, make sense and of course be free of any writing errors. The best way to ensure that it is going to impress the reader is to ask someone to read it for you and ask their opinion. Also you can read your conclusion out loud to yourself to ensure that it sounds good. These simple tips will help you to understand how to write a good conclusion for your essays and papers.

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