How to Write a Good Research Paper

Academic life requires a lot of paper work and the most common form is a research paper. From high school to college and even until post graduate studies, each student is required to write research papers a lot. That being said, many students want to learn how to write a good research paper. In this tutorial, you will learn how to write a great research paper in simple steps.

What makes a good research paper?

Writing a good research paper entails the knowledge of its contents and a good topic to write about. You may ask what a good topic for a research paper is. It is something interesting and challenging. From the research topic, you will formulate a thesis statement. A good thesis statement for a research paper would make a difference in the whole research process so you should really think about it. It is a single sentence which is a declaration of what your research is about. A good research paper is one that has a clear and convincing thesis statement. Also, a good research paper is a paper which is logical, clear, and organized so you should know where to put the contents. The contents of a research paper are provided in the next section.

Contents of a good research paper

Generally, a research paper is divided into several parts. It contains a title page, an abstract, introduction, development or discussion, conclusion, endnotes, appendices, and reference section. All of these components play an important role in your paper. You might ask what makes a good research paper. A good research paper is one that is logical, organized, and clear about what it wants to convey. Also, it has the components enumerated above.

Tips in writing a good research paper

Learning how to write a great research is easy. Just read the following tips and start to write your research paper. Start writing your paper early as cramming produce low quality papers. First, choose an interesting and challenging topic. After determining an interesting topic, be enthusiastic in writing about it. There is no better topic for a research topic than what you are eager to write about. Your topic should also be approved by your teacher so think of several. Second, find relevant, academic, and trustworthy references. You can do this by searching through the internet and checking the library. It is not wrong to use internet sources as long as you checked its reliability. Third, formulate a thesis statement from your topic. You should be able to trim it down into one sentence. Fourth, prepare note cards and bibliographic cards to record notes from each and every source you use. Fifth, prepare an outline from the information you wrote down in your notecards. Sixth, write the research paper. Of course, reading, re-reading, and proofreading are required. Revise as many times as possible. Lastly, check if all the contents are there.