How to Write a Journal Article

Do you need to learn how to write a journal article?

Writing magazine articles and journal articles are very different skills. While a magazine may accept articles written in a lighthearted and conversational style a journal will be more exact with its requirements and will expect something more akin to a scholarly piece of work. So learning how to write a journal article is going to require very different skills to how to write a feature article for a magazine.

Write what you know

writing_magazine articlesWhen learning how to write an article it is always best to ensure that you are going to write about what you know. Like academic writing the standards are very high and the expectation is that you are going to be an expert in your field. So asking someone to write about the works of Shakespeare when their background is in particle physics is not going to result in a well thought out article. Writing a journal article is very similar to writing an academic paper and should be treated in just the same way.

Understand what they require from your journal submission

Learning how to write a journal submission usually will start with the journal that you actually want to write for. Each journal will have different rules and expectations with regards to what it requires from their writers. If you want to get a paper published then you should contact them and ask for specific details of what it is that they are looking for. writing magazine_articlesThey will give you specific guidance with regards to the format of the writing, how you should cite your references, how pictures and illustrations should be formatted and a host of other information that you should ensure that you follow before you make your submission.

Before writing it is always best to pitch your ideas to the editor to ensure that they are interested in your article, many journals will focus on specific issues for each publication and they will be looking only for those articles that fit in with the themes that they have decided to cover. These themes are often published in advance so you have an opportunity to research and pitch an idea for an article.

Write your journal article

Like any other academic paper you should organize your writing logically according to the specific formats that they require. Typically this is going to result in an article that follows the following style of outline:write magazine article

  • Introduction; what is the background of the article and what is it that you are writing about; present a clear thesis or argument and show why it is important within this field.
  • Literature review; show what has already been written within this area and by whom. What is agreed and what is disputed etc.
  • Introduce your research in the area and how it was conducted
  • Show the results of your research and draw out the implications
  • Show how your research supports your initial thesis and what it means within the field

Create the best Journal article

writing a newspaper_articleWhen learning how to write a journal submission you need to be very aware that it is just as important to consider how you write as it is what you write. If your writing does not follow their submission guidelines or if it contains any errors in the writing then you will not be published. Check your facts and very carefully proofread your work before submission. When possible have a third party help with proofreading or even editing to help improve your article further. These tips will help you with how to write a journal submission that will get accepted and published.

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