How to Write a Literature Review in an Hour

Why do you need to know how to write a literature review?

A literature review is an overview of the research and other literature written around a specific field of research. This is often set as a standalone task within college and will also form a significant portion of your dissertation or thesis. It is important to know other academics views and findings in an area before starting your own research; after all you don’t want to just go out and repeat what someone else has already done. Conducting a literature review for dissertation is not always as simple as it sounds; often in many areas such as global warming you will find convincing yet conflicting arguments.

How to go about writing a literature review

Before you even put pen to paper you need to be clear as to what your own thesis or argument is that you are going to pursue to make it clear what you are writing about. You also need to identify the relevant literature that has already been published by credible authors in the area of your research. You need to ensure that your sources are credible and that they have data to back them up, basing a literature review against opinion pieces in a local paper is hardly going to make for a convincing argument.

Opening your literature review

how_to write a literature review

The first stage in learning how to write a literature review is to write your opening paragraphs. These need to be an introduction to the subject area that you are going to review and the problems that are observed therein. You also need to make your stance clear and state your thesis or the objective of your literature review.

The main body of your literature review

Your main body is where you will introduce your actual review of the literature piece that you have found. You will need to look at and discuss all of the following issues:

  • how to write a_literature reviewWhere the different works agree with each other
  • Where they disagree and why they disagree
  • Any alternative views to the main arguments that are cited
  • Show which points that you have highlighted are the most convincing
  • What points are weak and would require more research

Concluding your literature review

Your final paragraph typically will refer back to your initial thesis or argument and show how what you have reviewed support or otherwise your thoughts. This should include a brief summary of what you have covered throughout the body of the to write a literature review

Remember that this is an academic paper and as such will need to be written to very high standards. It is important to ensure that you carefully review and proofread everything that you have written to ensure that everything is completely error free and formatted correctly. This is especially true for your citations; you have to ensure that your quotations and references are done correctly for the academic format that you are using to avoid any issues. These few tips for how to write a book review or a literature review should help you to put together a well written review that will impress your tutor. What’s more, we are always ready to offer quality professional letter writing services.

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