How to Write a Masters Research Paper

Before learning how to write a research paper in the form of a master research paper, it is proper to define what a master research paper is. A master research paper is a research paper to be written by students in a master degree program. It is an independent research using the themes suggested by the students themselves in contrast with a bachelor research paper where topics are suggested by the faculty. It should also be noted that a master research paper is a highly technical paper which requires analytic and scholarly approach by the students.

Master Research Paper Requirements

Let us now learn how to write a research paper in the form of a master research paper. Generally, master research papers are about 65-90 pages long or 19,500-27,000 words excluding the appendices. Also, it requires a minimum of 35 scholarly resources. From the word count and resources count, it can already be inferred that it is a highly technical paper.

Steps in Writing a Master’s Research Paper

If you want to learn how to write a research paper, please consider the following steps.

  1. You must first select an area of interest for your research. You can do this by reading and thinking hard. Since research areas are often very broad, limit your research into one area.
  2. After identifying a topic, lay down the objectives and aims of your research. Also, you must be able to formulate a research question that focuses on your topic. Formulate a hypothesis or claim that would be answered by the research question.
  3. Outlining is very important in writing a master research paper because it serves as a guide throughout the whole research.
  4. It is not enough that you find references and sources. You must select the most relevant and evaluate them. It is important to seek current sources because outdated ones can be detrimental to your research claims.
  5. Take notes from these references as you read them so it is easy to remember where you borrowed several ideas. This can also help you avoid plagiarism.
  6. Select appropriate research methods and procedure of collecting data to prove the claim of your study. Is your research qualitative, quantitative, or in another form? Process the data according to accepted methods.
  7. Write the first draft and do not be contented unless it is a good draft already. You edit and proofread as needed. There are errors which cannot be seen at first reading so you must read and re-read your paper. Write subsequent drafts until your paper is ready for submission.