How to Write a Movie Review to Amaze Everyone

Do you need to know how to write a movie review?

Writing a film review can be done for a variety of reasons; from an assignment set by your tutor to writing a review for a website or other publication. Whatever the reason the same basic principles with regards how to write a film review will apply. Just remember that a film review is not just a task to summarize what happens within the film; it is your opportunity to give your opinion on the film.

Before you start with writing your movie review

The first stage in learning how to write a movie review is, funnily enough, actually watching the film. There is no way that you are going to be able to write a good review without actually watching the film. When you watch the film try to take notes of anything that you think is particularly good or poor; this can be about any aspect of the film the actual cinematography, the acting or even the story line itself. Maintain good notes but don’t overdo it to the point that you are concentrating more on your notes than the film itself. If you have time it is often best to see the film more than once. Don’t just walk away from the film and start to write either; take some time to think critically about what you have actually just watched.

Introduction to your movie review

Being able to learn how to write a movie review starts with the introduction, remember that this writing is for entertainment so it will be best to open with something that will get the interest of the reader. Your introduction needs to cover the basics of the film so you need to cover:how to write a movie_review

  • The basic outline of the movie
  • What is the main plot
  • Major events within the movie
  • Don’t give away any surprises; nobody likes a spoiler before they watch the movie
  • Who are the main characters
  • Who is the director
  • Be unique and do not copy. You may use online paraphrase website for everyone if you face troubles.

How to write a movie review; the main body of your review

The most important part of your review is of course the part where you give your opinion about the film itself. Depending on the expectation of your audience will depend on how much and to what depth you will write. If this is a task set by your tutor and you are expected to write an in depth critical review of the acting you will obviously write far more than you would for an article for a review website. You have to consider your audience before you start to write and then cover some or all of the following:how to write a_movie review

• The plot of the movie; is it believable, well paced, well written, interesting?
• The cinematography; is it effective, are the stunts and effects believable?
• Is the movie set correctly, has it been fact checked?
• Are the actors believable, do they do the roles justice?

Finishing your movie review

how to write a movie reviewThe last stage of learning how to write a literature review or a movie review is to write your conclusion and ensure that your review is well written. The conclusion should summarize the main points that you have covered within your review before you give your overall opinion of the movie that you have watched.
Before you finish your work you need to ensure that you carefully proofread everything that you have written to avoid any simple errors in your writing.

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