How To Write A Psychology Research Paper

Many students despair when they are given school requirements that require how to write a research paper. It is not a surprise because not all of the students have the skills in writing a psychology research paper. You do not have to worry anymore because you will find in this post the things that you should consider when you work on your research.

How to Write a Psychology Research Paper

  1. Abstract. This part on how to write a research paper will determine if the reader will be curious or interested enough to want to know more about what you have written or found out in your paper. Be brief and use the necessary words so the abstract is only written in as short as one paragraph.
  2. Introduction. This section of your paper should tell your readers the research problem. You have to mention the questions that you will try to answer as you go about your research. You should also highlight the importance of your paper in this portion.
  3. Method. How to write a research paper involves showing your readers the methods that you used and led you to your findings. They need to see that your paper is based on evidences and results, not on assumptions or speculations. You can consider using subheadings in this section to make it easier for your readers to find the relevant details of the research.
  4. Results. Do not simply provide a report of the findings or evidence based practice research. If you are presenting a summary statistics, remember this should help the readers see what happened based on your tests. Only the relevant results should be included and if you used raw data, these should just be added to the appendix.
  5. References. All articles that you used should be cited and must be alphabetically arranged. References will show your readers that you did not just make up the information or the claims that you made in your paper.

Remember to write in a manner that will show your readers that you are familiar in the field of psychology. You must avoid using terms that are difficult to understand. If including them in the psychology research paper is really necessary, be sure to provide definitions so ambiguities can be avoided.