How to Write A Qualitative Research Paper

Are you not sure on how to write a research paper? Worry no more because this article will be your guide when it comes to writing an excellent research. Here are some of the things that you should remember and consider when you are writing your research.

How to Write a Qualitative Research Paper

  1. Introduction. If you want to know how to write a research essay or paper, you should start with its introduction because this will tell the reader in a nutshell what the research is all about.
  2. Aims of the Study. You have to mention why you decided to work on this paper. What is your goal? By the end of the study, you should determine if the research paper answered the aims of the study that you cited.
  3. Review of the Literature. You need to describe how you searched for the related literature and what makes it relevant to your research. Be thorough and systematic when you work on this part of your paper.
  4. Sample. The size and the type of the sample that you used should be mentioned. The nature of samples or samplings, especially in cases where an out of the ordinary variant of the sampling is used, should be indicated in the research.
  5. Data Collection Method. Some will require you to come up with a theoretical framework or use an interview method to collect information. Ask your research professor what is the preferred method for your study.
  6. Data Analysis Method. Inform your readers what happened and how you handled the collected data as the researcher.
  7. Findings. You have to make a decision when you reach this part of your research. You can either present your findings without any supporting discussions made by other researchers or you can link what you found with the researches of others.

You must know how to deal with stress so you can pass this phase of your academic life. You can also talk with your friends or professors if you feel that your research is going nowhere. Learn how you can write the parts of a qualitative research work and cope with the stress so you can pass your research subject with high remarks.
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