How to Write a Research Essay Paper

Every time a professor requires students to write research paper essays, most of them complain. What is the reason? They are not familiar on how to write a research essay paper. Instead of whining about the class requirement, the best way to handle it is to learn how to write a research essay paper. This article is a form of essay research paper help. Let us begin.

Essay vs. Research Paper

Before you will learn how to write a research essay paper, let us first distinguish some similarities and differences between an essay and a research paper. A research paper is a written discussion based on collected information which requires higher level of inquiry. Most research papers are academic papers and conclusions are drawn from evidence. On the other hand, an essay is a relatively short written paper where the writer presents his view on a particular topic. This type of writing accommodates the author’s reflection, criticism, and view on things. What then is a research paper essay? A research essay paper is an essay which requires extensive evidence to support a particular thesis.

Research Paper Essay Topics

It is important to know what you should write about before looking for references and sources of information. You would ask then, “What are the possible research paper essay topics?” A good research paper essay topic is a product of careful planning, consideration, and brainstorming. It is not too difficult to have a research topic because most of the time, professors provide a general topic to write about and it’s up to you to narrow it down.

How to Write a Research Essay Paper

Learning how to write a research essay paper is not plain writing. There are several steps you need to consider before you can have a good research essay paper. First, you need to choose a good research paper essay topic. Second, you must formulate a research question. The purpose of a research essay is not to repeat what the books stated but rather to allow you to reflect upon ideas in the references you have chosen. Do you agree to what the authors are saying or not? Why? Third, do a research on your topic. Fourth, write your outline and do it as to conform to your thesis. Fifth, write the introduction, the body of the paper, and the conclusion. Sixth, you must remember what format to use. Be sure that you use a citation style your professor required. Seventh, proofread and revise if necessary. Lastly, your final research essay paper must be intelligently written (i.e. points backed up with evidence from literature).