How to Write a Science Fair Research Paper

Many schools conduct science fairs that showcase their students’ experiments. One of the requirements before you can present your experiment is a research paper. Even if you have a remarkable experiment but you don’t know how to write a science fair research paper, it is unlikely that you can present your research. Therefore you must learn the basics of writing a science research paper.

Purpose of a research paper for science fair

There are many researches and experiments presented in any science fair. Of course, people want to know more about your experiment and one way to provide them with information is your research paper. The purpose of a research paper for science fair is to let people know why your experiment turns out the way it is. Your research paper must include all relevant information such as pictures, sources, and methods you used in your experiment. In order to write a science fair project research paper, you must know the contents which are provided in the next section.

Contents of a science fair project research paper

There are a few things you need to remember when writing a science research paper and one is content. You might ask what to include in your research paper and here is the answer. Include history of related experiments and inventions. Define all important words and concepts as they are highly technical. Don’t forget to include all formulas and definitions you used in your research.

Format-wise, you must have a cover related to the topic. This is a technique to get the reader’s attention. Next, you must have a title page which contains your name, your teacher’s name, and the date of the science fair. You may also want to include a dedication which is optional to acknowledge people who helped you in your research. Next would be the table of contents followed by your purpose. The most important part is the content which provides the information about your research. It is commonly known as the body of the research. You must also include a reference page to acknowledge your sources. Do not forget to include images, tables, and graphs where appropriate.

Tips on how to write a science fair research paper

Here are a few tips to help you in writing a science fair project research paper.

  • Use only relevant and reliable references. If you are not sure of a source, do not use it.
  • Italicize scientific terms.
  • Do not use personal pronouns such as “I” or “we”.
  • Avoid plagiarism by citing all the sources you used.
  • Proofread and check for errors in grammar and spelling before you submit it.
  • Number the pages starting with the abstract.

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