How to Write an Application Letter by Myself

Do you need to know how to write an application letter?

How_to Write an Application LetterYour application letter is the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression with the recruiter. While most job adverts will not ask for an application letter or covering letter it is good practice to provide one; in fact many recruiters will just discard applications from those that have not spent the time to include one. Writing an application letter therefore is a vital part of your application and is your ideal opportunity to clearly show the recruiter that you should be invited to interview for the position.

Learning how to write an application letter

Learning how to write a job application is not so hard if you follow our simple steps below. Your application letter is not a lengthy document and should say just enough to get the attention of the recruiter and get them to see you as a potential candidate to invite for interview. Your letter is not an opportunity to just repeat what you have already written in your resume but an opportunity to clearly state how you meet their requirements and what you can bring to the position. A well written application letter can make a great impression on the recruiter.

Stage one of how to write an application letterhow to write an application letter

Your Introduction; this should be simply written and should be no more than a single paragraph. You should state who you are and tell them which position you are applying to and why you are applying. Ensure that your reasons for applying are not negatively based; they are not going to entertain an application from someone that says that they want to change jobs because they don’t get on with their current boss.

Ensure also that you address the letter to the right person rather than just “dear sir or madam”. A quick phone call to the company you are applying to should allow you to get the name of the person dealing with the recruitment.

Stage two of how to write an application letter

The main body; your letter should be a single page which means that your main body will be between just two and four short paragraphs. Remember that the application letter is to get their interest not another version of your resume or an opportunity to tell your life story. The main body of your letter is a chance to clearly show how you meet their specific needs.

This means that you need to:how to write an application_letter

  • Review the job description carefully to identify the most important skills or accomplishments that they are looking for
  • Write a single paragraph to show how you precisely match or even exceed their expectations
  • Don’t over write each paragraph or repeat what is already written in your resume
  • Clearly state what you are going to bring to the position

Stage three of how to write an application letter

Your closing paragraph; this is to openly show the reader your interest in the position and when you will be available for your interview.
You should cover:how to_write an application letter

  • Say that your resume is attached
  • Say that you are available for interview and when the best times are for you
  • Highlight that you are really looking forward to working with them
  • Say that you want to learn more about the position and the company

Learning how to write a covering letter and an application letter should not be difficult if you follow our simple tips above. Just remember that you should format the application letter in the same style as your resume and should print it out using a quality printer on white good quality paper. Once printed don’t forget to sign the letter. All of this should be done after you carefully proofread your letter to ensure that it is completely free of errors.

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