Tips on How to Write a Book Review for School

Do you need to know how to write a book review?

Writing book reviews is a task that is often set within school and college as an assignment to ensure that you have read and evaluated a book that you have been expected to read. It is far more than just expecting you to summarize what you have read; you are expected to not only be able to show you have read the work but be able to evaluate what you have read. Book reviews are expected not only for works of fiction but also for academic texts that you may be looking at.

Learn how to write a book review

The following sections will provide you all of the information that you will need to be able to write an engaging book review that will impress both your tutor and anyone else that should read your work. Remember also that it is actually best to fully read the book before writing literature reviews. While some students may be able to get away with reading a few pages and an online review of the work it does not mean that you will. Use our tips below to learn how to write a book review that is going to impress.

Introduce the work and the authorhow to write a_book review

The aim of the first few paragraphs of your book review are to inform the reader as to what you are actually reviewing and what it is about. You also need to say who the book was written by. At this stage you are not trying to provide the reader with a full summary of the entire book but just an idea as to what the general plot is and who the characters are; while for a scholarly work you may want to discuss the specific field that it covers and what specific problems it seeks to cover. Similarly your coverage of the author should provide some basic facts about them rather than a full blown history; this is a book review remember rather than their biography.

Critique and evaluate the book

What people want to know when they read a book review is if the book is any good: is it worth reading? This is the main section of your book review and within it you need to give your personal evaluation of what you have actually read. So for a work of fiction you may wish to discuss:how to write a book review

  • Does the content of the book live up to the title and blurb?
  • Does the work engage the reader; does it have a clear plot, is it a good entertaining read?
  • How does the author develop the characters; are they believable, do any stand out?
  • Does the work trigger your imagination?
  • Is what is written believable, factual, well researched?

For a factual scholarly article you may look at:

  • Does the book tackle something that is of important within its field?
  • Does it have credible sources for the information that it presents?
  • Does it maintain a believable well thought our argument?
  • Are there any omissions, is the work biased in any way?
  • Is the work convincing; are you convinced?

Provide your conclusionhow to write a book_review

The final part when learning how to write a letter of resignation or a book review is to conclude your review. This need only be a single paragraph or two where you briefly summarize what you have written. This should then conclude with your overall feelings and opinion about the book.

To make sure your book review is flawless try using an online online grammar checker.

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