We Know How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Do You Need to Know How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

writing a descriptive essayA descriptive essay is one in which you will describe a place, a person or even an event in sufficient detail that the reader will feel like they are actually there. You need to use highly descriptive language to trigger the imagination of the reader and make them feel what you are writing. This is a very different style of writing a factual essay and many writers will struggle with writing a descriptive essay. This is why you need to learn how to write a descriptive essay.

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Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay

This article is to provide you with all of the tips and hints that you will need to be able to write an engaging descriptive essay. With some simple organization and planning, you can make the task of writing your essay very simple. As with most other writing the more preparation you make the easier it is to actually write your essay well. The following sections will lay out how we suggest you go about learning how to write a descriptive essay.

Outline Your Descriptive Essays

Most essays follow a very simple structure and a descriptive essay is no different. You can use the simple outline to organize your thoughts and then to assign your descriptions to them. It does not have to be hard at all to write an engaging descriptive essay. The following outline is what most essays will be based around:how to write a descriptive essay

  • Your introduction; state what the essay is to be about; “My sister’s wedding was the best party I have ever attended.”
  • The main body of your essay; typically 3-4 paragraphs that will support the statement that you have made in the introduction. So, in this case, they could be about; the food, the music, the laughter
  • The conclusion; this should draw together what you have written within your main body and show how it made your sister’s wedding the best party you have ever been to

How to Be Descriptive within Your Essay

A descriptive essay is one in which you describe what your senses tell you. This means that you should take each section within your outline and put a question to yourself:tips on writing a descriptive essay

  • What could I feel?
  • What could I taste?
  • What could I see?
  • What could I smell?
  • What could I hear?

You don’t have to use every sense for each paragraph but you need to ensure that you use descriptive language for each section; so for instance if you were writing about the food you would not state that the “desert was really good”, you would write that “the trifle was like a vivid rainbow bursting with flavor of every candy that I loved as a child.”

Carefully Proofread Your Descriptive Essay


The last stage of learning how to write a good thesis or a descriptive essay is to ensure that you have not made any errors within your writing. Why let simple spelling or grammatical errors spoil your essay? While you are reviewing your writing you should also look at each statement and ensure that it is truly descriptive so that you link directly with the imagination of the reader. These simple tips on how to write a descriptive essay will help you to write your essay more easily even at scientist biography.

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