We Tell you How to Write Recommendation Letter

Why do you need to know how to write recommendation letter?

If you are working in a professional position you may at times be asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone. This could be for anything from a new job to a place at university. Whatever the need is how you write your letter could have a significant effect on the person’s chances of being accepted. It can also reflect on you as a professional also. So it is important that you learn how to write recommendation letter well if you really want to help the person get that position.

How do I write a letter of recommendation?

Learning how to write recommendation letters is not hard if you follow our simple tips and hints listed over the following sections. We will show you how quickly and efficiently write a good letter of recommendation that is not going to take you an excessive amount of time and will be effective. But before you start you should ask yourself one very simple question: are you happy recommending this person? If you are not happy to recommend them then you should decline their request rather than providing them with a luke warm recommendation letter.

Be prepared when writing a letter of recommendation

The first stage with how to write recommendation letter is to get yourself prepared. You will need to have to hand all of the information that the reader of the letter will be expecting to see. The good thing here is that the person that is requesting the letter will be keen to help you and you can ask them to provide you with all of the information that you will need rather than you having to take time to look everything up. You should ask them to provide you with all of the following information if relevant to their application:how to write recommendation letter

• A job description or list of requirements
• Any specific forms or formats that the requestor requires for the letter
• Their resume or CV
• Transcripts, GPA, any other academic papers
• List of relevant courses
• List of achievements; awards, publications, etc.
• A note regarding their career goals and ambitions
• Any other relevant information they feel is necessary

Writing your letter of recommendation

The following steps will walk you through how to write recommendation letter very simply:

  • Use a simple business format for your letter (Unless they request a specific format or form)
  • Use a formal greetinghow to write recommendation_letter
  •  State that you are recommending the person and what for, don’t speak in vague terms
  • Establish your credibility; your name, position and relation to the referee
  • Provide specific examples of the candidates strengths; use clear and concise examples
  • Draw comparisons with others
  • Don’t exaggerate or lie; your reputation could be affected
  • Don’t be negative in any way
  • Close by reiterating your recommendation
  • Offer to provide additional information on request

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Making your letter of recommendation perfect

Learning how to write recommendation letter is just the same as any other writing skills; when you have finished it is vital that you read it back to yourself to ensure that it reads well.  All of the above tips will help you to understand how to write an abstract for a research paper  or best resume format 2016 that is going to be effective.

Carefully proofread what you have written to ensure that you have not made any trivial writing errors.

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